12 January 2022 

You are pure wisdom, love and creative spirit.


What is your true purpose in life?

Are you living a life aligned with your deepest truth?

Deep fulfilment often comes when you align with what resonates with your true nature and purpose.  

Let me guide you in your connection with your higher self to find your true purpose.  

It is way simpler that you think.

Alice Roorda, licensed Dutch Psychologist, Quantum Energy Psychologist and founder/trainer of The Power of Authenticity.

"The course was like finding a missing piece of the jigsaw. Finding out and connecting with the superconscious, that power within us that see our true essence was a gift.

That aha moment where I realised the bit I was missing was the feeling, seeing, hearing and touching that reality I wished for.

Feeling the emotions of being in that reality I wished for magnetically pulled it towards me, in the now."

Dermot Doyle, body centred therapist, Ireland

So what is the course about?

In the short 6 week course you are invited to connect to your inner wisdom to get clarity on what it is that brings you fulfilment and happiness.

With simple techniques you learn to communicate, literally, with your higher self.

Sound like madness? Yep it is, but it works so I don’t question it.

You connect with the best part of yourself, the purest of the purest you. The more you connect, the more you feel aligned with what really matters.

The wisdom you receive will be your guideline in this course.

You use it to create true choices, that give you an orientation in life. 

When your true choices become your daily focus, they become your new reality.

If this resonates with you, listen to it and sign up.

This course will be a life-changer. 

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"One of my goals was to find the voluntary job that would make me happy and to find a new partner. I was looking for both frantically.

I let go during the course and had faith in the natural unfolding of it all. No idea how it works, but both have come my way. Just like that!

I now have a job that turns on the light in me and found my soulmate, the man where I can be myself and feels like coming home. When I found peace in my ultimate goal and in myself, it just came on my path."

Marianna Arends, The Netherlands

What do you take home?

By the end of the 6  week course you:

  • Connect deeply with your higher self
  • Can communicate with your higher self/consciousness
  • Have access to unlimited wisdom
  • Know your true purpose
  • Have clarity on your direction in life, even if you already love your life
  • Know where to focus your energy on
  • Have 10 True Choices that represent a life you truly love
  • Know how to realise your choices
  • Possibly think: “why did no one taught me this before?”

If you follow the path unfolded in the course, your life will flow with ease and joy.

If you feel this is your path, expect miracles. 


 How the course works?

Over 6 weeks, I will personally guide you.

Once a week we meet as a group on Zoom in a live session.

We start on January 12th 2022. 

We meet every Wednesday 10 AM Spanish time, for 2 hours.

Costs is €195 only 

The course will be recorded and accessible up to 6 months.

GEM course participants are eligible for a discount, please ask me for the discount link.

"Alice’s GEM course has been a unique, unexpected and extraordinarily positive experience. We were a group of a dozen people all with different needs and concerns and every one of us had a life changing experience following Alice’s direction and support.

She has found an almost magical way of accessing your superconscious mind, to bring you closer to the life you want - a richer life that perhaps you didn’t even know you wanted. A massive shift.

Lucinda Juliet, Spain

Why this course?

I was disconnected from my authentic self my whole life, without realizing it.

I faced disconnection on a daily basis in my work as a psychologist working with refugees and clients all over the world, but ironically missed to recognize my own.

My life was wonderful on the outside, but inside I felt lonely, insecure and disconnected.

12 years ago, I was fed up and started a journey to uncover and resolve it once and for all.

The Power of Authenticity courses are a result of mine and my client's journeys to our authentic self and beyond. 

Lately, I have moved my focus from healing to creation, from victim to genius. Stepping into the wonders of my natural ability to create a life I love. 

Being well connected to my authentic self is such a bliss, that I like to share my insights, experiences and transformations with you. 

Alice Roorda

Founder of The Power of Authenticity, licensed psychologist MA, QEC and TRE provider, Magnetic Mind Coach. Specialist in Stress and Trauma for 20+ years. 

Join me for a transformational experience

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