"I highly recommend Alice, her work and her vast knowledge and techniques for stress and trauma. 

I have referred many patients to Alice to assist with trauma and stress release, as a vital way to reduce cortisol in my program Hormone Harmony 

Dr Sabine Wunschmann, German Obstetrician-Gynaecologist

"I enjoyed the Align session very much. I released my fear of “no more money coming in”. The next day a new business crossed my path and I joined it.  I am absolutely impressed with the opportunities that are coming up. Thank you so much! I signed up for the align membership. 

Ben Muller, Luxury Real Estate Agent, Mallorca

"The Align grounds me and clears my head. I feel more connected with my heart, which is a huge relief. I am relaxed and more at ease with life in general."

Chryssie Arabatzi, architect/artist, Greece

"It was a very special session. After the 'align' I could no longer reach my resistance, as if it had largely been 'swept away'. Just as you describe: the feeling that the path has become easier to walk on. Thank you!"

Lizette de Kam, The Netherlands

'Since Alice's core course I act more directly from my authentic self, without being held back by former insecurities and (childhood) experiences.'

Maria Geverinck, The Netherlands

I so needed change, as I was struggling to recover from a flood disaster 

It became clear to me that 'giving up is not an option'.

The True Choices Course had easy to follow steps, which Alice taught us with great clarity. Following them, rapidly led to the change I longed for.

I am back to expecting wonders in my life, following my intuition and guidance.

Thank you Alice, for creating such an empowering course.

Sandra Puthen, Germany

I feel enriched and happy

I am tapping into my intuition and deeper into my spiritual potential.

I enjoyed the True Choices Course very much.

The tools that integrate body, mind and soul are very helpful to implement into my daily life.

Thank you, Alice, for your clear, humorous, deep and creative guidance in a safe and trustful space.

Bettina, coach and trainer, Germany

Knowing my soul mission has put a lot in place 

The 6 weeks true choices course is structured logically, with clear lessons, each with its own theme.

Alice guides you through this with her knowledge, insight, involvement and humour.

Clarity on my true choices, realising them fully and expressing them, impacted me deeply.

You can clear up your daily resistance with the tools you learned in the course to live your true self.

It has enriched my life.

Anne Zwaan, Nurse, The Netherlands

"The Power of Authenticity courses have definitely been a mind and heart opening experience.

I discovered a new me. 

Alice has been lovely and passionate in this mind blowing journey."

Chryssie Arabatzi, Architect/Artist, Greece

"Joining the TRUE CHOICES course has been a blessing in itself.

It allowed me to lift the veil of mental clutter, to realize my essence, my blessing and mission of my true self, so as to acknowledge my purpose in life.

Alice, via guided meditations and other inspired techniques, guided us with clarity, care and wisdom on our path to communicating with our trusted source.

She inspired us, via visualisations, to operate in life from the state of a creator, instead of a victim. She took away the resistance that withhold us from manifesting the life of our dreams, by using an align technique.

I now feel more connected with my higher consciousness. I listen more to my inner voice and I operate more from the heart (instead of the ego mind) when making decisions. I can focus better and take action towards manifesting the life I want. My true purpose has become clear to me and I have faith that my trusted source will provide me with any answers whenever I ask for guidance.

Gaining this knowledge and insight in a 6 weeks’ online course is truly magnificent and I am grateful to Alice Roorda for that."

Kalliopi Liossatou, Greece

"Alice takes you into a 6-week pressure cooker

A lot of puzzle pieces have fallen into place, and it is now clear to me why I was always chasing the wrong things. Now things just run smoothly and I am no longer held back by beliefs of myself (and others). I am in a wonderful flow and have a number of tools that I can use with love and compassion when I get in my own way. Thanks Alice!!

Alice takes you into a 2 hour-a-week pressure cooker. In the True Choices Course you not only search for your soul mission, but also clear everything that gets in the way of life. Or actually, where your subconscious and ego get in your way. Not by pushing it away but by actually looking at it and allowing it to go. Besides cleaning up for you, she also teaches you to do it yourself and organizes support to keep it up after the course.

It was very nice that the recording of the sessions were quickly online, so that you could repeat certain parts. The workbook was ready in advance, you could read in, print it or do nothing with it, since she took you very carefully on the journey. Her working method is thorough, well grounded with light-heartedness, humor, warmth, connection and pace.

Monique Lampe-Wortman, team coach awareness development, The Netherlands

I finally have energy after long-covid!

"Going through Long-Covid, felt like my whole being was shaken up. This True Choices Course, with fellow students, has given me direction and energy again.

I had been following Alice Roorda's messages for some time, they touched me and after the message started to sink in, I dared to choose this route.

It turned out to be a beautiful journey, insights came and obstacles disappeared. The course has helped me to make a start in understanding what really matters to me. Finding my essence gave a soothing tingling sensation throughout my body and a great sense of gratitude for being pointed in the right direction.

 I am very happy that Alice Roorda has made this possible by providing this enlightening, intensive and beautiful journey. Glad that I can continue this route together with others in recurring align sessions after the course.

What a powerful way to come home to myself!

Natalie van Zeijl, The Netherlands

I now look at my Ego with more compassion

"I'm really glad I did the True Choices Course with Alice. It has brought me a lot. Alice has the gift of explaining psychological phenomena in such a clear way, that I not only understood it much better than before, but also felt that something in me changed immediately.

The Course has taught me to connect very quickly with my True Self. That is a state of consciousness that is very pleasant and where I feel and know what is true for me. It makes me happy and energetic.

I can now look at my Ego behaviour, and that of others, with much more compassion and don't take it so serious anymore. That's nice because I used to have doubts and hesitations that felt so true and kept me in my place.

Alice is an inspiring woman who guides you step by step through the course with a lot of compassion and humour. The course has a clear and logical structure with many exercises, so that you can experience it yourself right away."

Juul Huisman, social worker, The Netherlands

Connecting with my Superconscious

"The GEM course (forerunner of true choices course) was like finding a missing piece of the jigsaw. Finding out and connecting with the super conscious, that source energy, that power within us that see our true essence was a gift.

The superconscious that is continuously willing to point my arrow of intention at my desired reality and asks me to bring clarity to my true choices.

The gift of that aha moment where I realised the bit I was missing was the feeling, seeing, hearing and touching that reality I wished for. Feeling the emotions of being in that reality I wished for magnetically pulled it towards me, in the now.

Sharing little bits of the work I learned along the way with clients and colleagues has been a wonderful experience. Watching them feel into their desired reality and hang out in that new place of joy, wonder, full colour and excitement has been a real joy to share." 

Dermot Doyle, body centred therapist, Ireland

I found my job and soulmate

"One of my goals was to find the voluntary job that would make me happy and to find a new partner. I was looking for both frantically.

I let go during the gem course (forerunner of true choices course) and through the course had faith in the natural unfolding of it all. No idea how it works, but both have come my way. Just like that!

I now have a job that turns on the light in me and found my soulmate, the man where I can be myself and feels like coming home. When I found peace in my ultimate goal and in myself, it just came on my path.

It has brought me a lot and I am grateful that I was able to experience this.

Alice is a wonderful person with a warm heart and she takes you on this beautiful special journey.

Do it! It is a valuable gift to yourself."

 Marianna Arends, The Netherlands

A magical way to a richer life

"Alice’s GEM course (forerunner of true choices course) has been a unique, unexpected and extraordinarily positive experience.

We were a group of a dozen people all with different needs and concerns and every one of us had a life changing experience.

She has found an almost magical way of accessing your subconscious mind, to bring you closer to the life you want - a richer life that perhaps you didn’t even know you wanted. A massive shift.

Through guided meditations you begin to identify and understand your blockages, fears, reactions, bad habits and you literally let go of all these negative influences in your life.

And thanks to Alice’s years of experience and expertise, along with her kind and authentic way of explaining some 'light-bulb moment' facets of psychology, things become clearer and you feel happier, stronger and more focused on the best way to live each day without any black clouds from the past.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to live their life to the fullest and reach their own personal potential." 

Lucinda Juliet, Spain

“The foundation course changed a lot in my life.

I am more myself, more relaxed, have less triggers and am less depended on the opinion of others.

It was impressive how easy it is to change beliefs in my subconscious mind. I really enjoyed it and will continue with the core course”

Ben Muller, Spain

"Alice is compassionate and kind facilitator, whose foundation program helped me reconnect to parts of myself that I had abandoned.

Through a nice mix of theory and practice, Alice created a safe environment in which I was able to achieve greater balance and a feeling of self-worth, all while feeling supported."

Evridiki Spiliadis, Canada

"It was truly a positive experience to connect with a deeper self. It helped me to be more aware of my essential needs, lifting imaginary limitations.

I feel lighter, happier and less task-oriented.

Alice is a great facilitator, whose cultural sensitivity created real synergy among our multinational group of foundation course participants."

Maryam Brandt, Switzerland

"I love the foundation course.

It gave me insight into what was holding me back from experiencing my fullest joy.

This was a deep dive and an amazing opportunity to re-program my limiting beliefs.

Highly recommended."

Kanelli Scalcoyannis, Women Wellness & Success Coach

I am finally able to be kind to myself, think that I am enough, and stop blackmailing myself with negative thoughts.

I am confident about my relationships, embrace what I have and deserve all the good things that come to me.”

Alexandra Mitsiou, Greece (foundation course participant)


“I feel lighter, more empowered, more hopeful after the on-demand foundation course

The great thing about the videos  is that it didn’t feel you were lecturing, it felt like you were having a natural discussion with me.

You made me feel comfortable, peaceful and open to change.

I really liked the online format, which allowed me to go through each module on my own. It allowed me to focus on myself fully”

Anna, US

“The online foundation course made me even more aware, that we as human beings are able to do and be so much more, if we consciously cooperate with our subconscious "being".

My life is increasingly in an "easy flow". Things that I would not have dared or could have done before are no longer impossible obstacles. Wishes, ideas, changes are increasingly within reach and are realized.

Alice, thank you so much for meeting you ... and for opening this door to the subconscious "being" for me.”

Manou Boesten, Spain

"Alice really helped me realize where my feeling of "not being good enough" comes from, and then helped me to beat it, during her foundation and core course.

I feel a different person now.

I react differently. My self esteem has been boosted, and I feel stronger in both mind and body."

Judit Neurink. Writer & Journalist

"The Core Course created more peace in my life. 

I am more in control of my thoughts and emotions. The course and self-help tools are very valuable!"

Maaike Verbogt, Nurse

"I have been suffering from post traumatic stress disorder for quite a few years after a major accident. Although I tried different modalities I had seen moderate improvement. Working with Alice has been probably the most therapeutic experience in my life.

I strongly recommend Alice for her passion, knowledge, compassion and charisma as a therapist!"

Magda Godossi, Nutrional Therapist