"I highly recommend Alice, her work and her vast knowledge and techniques for stress and trauma. 

I have referred many patients to Alice to assist with trauma and stress release, as a vital way to reduce cortisol in my program Hormone Harmony 

Dr Sabine Wunschmann, German Obstetrician-Gynaecologist

"Alice really helped me realize where my feeling of "not being good enough" comes from, and then helped me to beat it, during her courses.

I feel a different person now.

I react differently. My self esteem has been boosted, and I feel stronger in both mind and body."

Judit Neurink. Writer & Journalist

"The Foundation Course created more peace in my life. 

I am more in control of my thoughts and emotions. The course and self-help tool are very valuable!"

Maaike Verbogt, Nurse

"I have been suffering from post traumatic stress disorder for quite a few years after a major accident. Although I tried different modalities I had seen moderate improvement. Working with Alice has been probably the most therapeutic experience in my life.

I strongly recommend Alice for her passion, knowledge, compassion and charisma as a therapist!"

Magda Godossi, Nutrional Therapist

"I love the foundation course.

It gave me insight into what was holding me back from experiencing my fullest joy.

This was a deep dive and an amazing opportunity to re-program my limiting beliefs.

Highly recommended."

Kanelli Scalcoyannis, Women Wellness & Success Coach

“The foundation course changed a lot in my life.

I am more myself, more relaxed, have less triggers and am less depended on the opinion of others.

It was impressive how easy it is to change beliefs in my subconscious mind. I really enjoyed it and will continue with the core course”

Ben Muller, Spain

"Alice is compassionate and kind facilitator, whose foundation program helped me reconnect to parts of myself that I had abandoned.

Through a nice mix of theory and practice, Alice created a safe environment in which I was able to achieve greater balance and a feeling of self-worth, all while feeling supported."

Evridiki Spiliadis, Canada

"It was truly a positive experience to connect with a deeper self. It helped me to be more aware of my essential needs, lifting imaginary limitations.

I feel lighter, happier and less task-oriented.

Alice is a great facilitator, whose cultural sensitivity created real synergy among our multination group of foundation course participants."

Maryam Brandt, Switzerland

"The Power of Authenticity courses have definitely been a mind and heart opening experience.

I discovered a new me. 

Alice has been lovely and passionate in this mind blowing journey."

Chryssie Arabatzi, Architect/Artist, Greece


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I am finally able to be kind to myself, think that I am enough, and stop blackmailing myself with negative thoughts.

I am confident about my relationships, embrace what I have and deserve all the good things that come to me.”

Alexandra Mitsiou, Greece (foundation course participant)


“I feel lighter, more empowered, more hopeful after the foundation course! 

The great thing about the videos  is that it didn’t feel you were lecturing, it felt like you were having a natural discussion with me.

You made me feel comfortable, peaceful and open to change.

I really liked the online format, which allowed me to go through each module on my own. It allowed me to focus on myself fully”

Anna, US

“The foundation course made me even more aware, that we as human beings are able to do and be so much more, if we consciously cooperate with our subconscious "being".

My life is increasingly in an "easy flow". Things that I would not have dared or could have done before are no longer impossible obstacles. Wishes, ideas, changes are increasingly within reach and are realized.

Alice, thank you so much for meeting you ... and for opening this door to the subconscious "being" for me ....”

Manou Boesten, Spain