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How wonderful to give yourself the gift of true connection!

All my courses are phenomenal, but honestly, this one is of a different order.

You don't need to become a better version of yourself, as a pretext to connect with your Higher Self. You don't need to heal to feel your essence.

In this course, you connect directly with your Higher Self, as if you step into it and become it. 

From a place of Being, you have access to wisdom, love and unlimited possibilities.

Your Higher Self will share your True Purpose and True Choices. If you allow it, these will become your new orientation in life. 

It is much simpler than you think. 

And if you feel this is not for you, than claim your money back within 20 days from the start of the course. 100% pay back guarantee.

So, join me for this amazing 6 week course, live on Zoom.

Every Wednesday morning 10:00 - 12:00 Spanish time (CET). 

What you get:

  • 6-week live transformational online course
  • Replays of every session 


  • A free ALIGN session

  • Replays available for 6 months

  • GEM community access

  • Guided meditations 

  • SUPER BONUS: a free one month Full-Support Subscription, after the course

What do you take home?

By the end of the 6 weeks you:

  • Connect deeply with your Higher Self
  • Can communicate with your Higher Self
  • Have access to unlimited wisdom
  • Know your True Purpose
  • Have clarity on your direction in life, even if you already love your life
  • Know where to focus your energy on
  • Have 10 True Choices that represent a life you truly love
  • Know how to realise your choices
  • Possibly think: “why did no one taught me this before?”

If you follow the path unfolded in the course, your life will flow with ease and joy. Expect miracles. 

Immediately, after your purpose you receive an email with the Zoom link from [email protected] 

Are you ready for an amazing journey?

Hope to meet soon,


What People Are Saying:

The course was like finding a missing piece of the jigsaw. Finding out and connecting with the higher consciousness, that source energy, that power within us that see our true essence was a gift.

Dermot Doyle, Ireland

The Course has taught me to connect very quickly with my True Self. That is a state of consciousness that is very pleasant and where I feel and know what is true for me. It makes me happy and energetic.

Juul Huisman, Netherland

Thanks to Alice’s years of experience and expertise, along with her kind and authentic way of explaining some 'light-bulb moment' facets of psychology, things become clearer and you feel happier, stronger and more focused on the best way to live each day, without any black clouds from the past.

Lucinda Juliet, Spain

This course has been a practical and experiential journey. Alice with her knowledge, ingenuity and love, shows the way to grow towards happiness and the life we desire for ourselves. All it takes is redirecting our energy and power towards what we love.

Chryssie Arabatzi,Greece