RAISE YOUR FREQUENCY for €37 only (originally €120)

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3 ALIGNS to raise your frequency & energy

Your Higher Self operates on a high frequency level. Connecting with it is rather easy, but staying there is often more challenging.

Why? Because you vibrate on a different frequency.

In 3 recorded ALIGN WEBINARs I profoundly balance your chakras/energy centres and raise their frequency to a coherent field of energy.

In the 3-hours you:

  • listen to the language of your body
  • receive a thorough Quantum Healing on current/past lives, ancestors, entities, soul imprints, ..
  • restore, balance and align your chakras/energy centres
  • feel well grounded
  • activate self-acceptance with the use of the Universe
  • align with your truth, intuition and essence
  • open up to unconditional love 

This beautiful and gentle process is done by Alice Roorda, a Dutch professional Quantum Energy Psychologist MA

Value of 3 Aligns is €120, but I love to reduce it to €37 specially for you.


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(your purchase is valid for 6 months)

What People Are Saying:

"I am much more relaxed and have clarity" "It was liberating" "What a wonderful session!" "My body was tingling and shaking, and now I feel lighter and open"