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Weekly Align Sessions + By-weekly Focus Circle + Private Session

Remove your anxiety, worries, feeling stuck, low energy, pain, trauma, beliefs or anything that keeps you from creating the life you love, without having to think or talk about it in the Align Session.

Keep your focus and momentum in the Focus Circles, as creation is damn challenging on your own.

On top of it all you get the opportunity to discuss and work on private matters in a personal session. 

Please read the confirmation email for IMPORTANT details. 

What you'll get:

  • To remove resistance and ease your flow
  • Every Tuesday 10 AM or 7 PM Spanish time (alternating times)
  • Maximum 1 hour
  • On Zoom
  • Access to all replays


  • + BI-WEEKLY FOCUS CIRCLE (see below)
  • To assure your choices become your new reality
  • Every other Thursday
  • 6-7:30 PM Spanish time
  • On Zoom
  • No focus replays


  • To focus on personal creation issues
  • 1,5 hour
  • On Zoom or in-person


Stepping into a new reality brings up resistance, such as doubt, fear, insecurity, pain, trauma, limiting beliefs, family history or body tension.

Resistance will divert you from the connection with your true self and from creating the life you love.  

In the group ALIGN SESSIONS your resistance will be cleared by me, bit by bit, using the Quantum field. 

When fully aligned with your desired reality, creation will flow.

Focus creates reality

When you're serious about stepping into a new reality, living from you higher self and creating a life you love, you want to stay focused at all times. Without focus your ego and subconscious will soon rule the show again.

Doubts, fears, worries and limiting beliefs become stronger and before you know it, you are back to where you started. 

The group helps you to 

  • accelerate your growth
  • keep your focus on the life you love
  • strengthen your connection to your higher self
  • improve the communication with your source
  • create a growing awareness were your real focus is
  • give and receive learning experiences
  • receive expert guidance on your journey
  • learn new techniques and wisdom

In the FOCUS CIRCLE you share, refocus, support, learn, adjust and connect. 


Private Session

If you feel you can benefit from more individual attention, you can book private sessions. 

You might be stuck, unsure about your choices or have private matters to resolve. 

In a private sessions we can focus on your desired reality and release resistance. 

Session are online or in-person in Mallorca.

Single session €280  

Who is Alice Roorda?

Hi, I am a Dutch Psychologist MA, who has dived in the world of trauma for the last 23 years. My trauma expertise had brought me all over the world working for NGO's and clinics.

Lately, I have switched my professional and personal focus from healing to creation, from victim to genius. 

This new approach of creation is the shortest shortcut that I could find (and I have searched extensively) to connect to your authentic self. 

Instead of overcoming, healing or becoming someone or something, you just step into a new orientation. True magic, I am telling you. 

Let me sparkle some of the magic over you. You will be happily surprised.