ALIGN Session 11 Oct 2022 at 10:00 CET/Amsterdam time

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The 1-hour LIVE ALIGN WEBINAR is on ZOOM (without your camera).


This purchase gives you 20% discount on a Basic Subscription, €97 instead €120. This gives you access to weekly live Align webinars, replays AND a library with Align replays of 2021/22.

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Love to see you there.

With love, Alice



The Power of Authenticity is about living your Higher Self

When you fully connect with your Higher Self and raise your frequency, there will be resistance from your ego.

Resistance, such as doubt, fear, insecurity, pain, trauma, limiting beliefs, family history or body tension.

Resistance can easily divert you from living your Higher Self.

In the ALIGN SESSIONS your resistance will be cleared on a subconscious level, using the quantum field. 

During the Alignment component of the session, you are fully awake. You just sit back and observe. You might not notice anything, or feel physical, mental or emotional shifts, you might yawn, burp or even fall asleep. It is all perfectly fine. 

Every Align session takes some of your resistance away, sometimes more that other times. 

When fully aligned with your Higher Self, you notice how much easier life flows.

You notice how your intuition guides you through life, creating all kinds of opportunities for you to fully grow and enjoy life. 

This is such a pleasant way to live, for you and those around you.

Your high vibration has a ripple effect that goes much further than you imagine. 


Who is Alice Roorda?

Hi, I am a Dutch Quantum Energy Psychologist MA, an expert in stress and trauma for the last 23 years. My trauma expertise had brought me all over the world, working in clinics and refugees focused NGO's.

I have switched my professional and personal focus from healing to guiding people to connect with their Higher Self.

Instead of overcoming, healing or becoming someone or something, you can step into you Higher Self and be it. 

This new approach has brought me, my clients and participants so much more than any approach I came across (and I have searched extensively). 

The flow, ease and joy it brings is profound. My intuition follows what brings me joy.

I founded The Power of Authenticity, where I give workshops, live Align webinars, courses, focus groups and private sessions. 

It is such a joy guiding you to your divine being!

What People Are Saying:

I enjoyed the align session very much. I released my fear of “no more money coming in”. The next day a new business crossed my path and I joined it. I am absolutely impressed with the opportunities that are coming up. Thank you so much! I signed up for the weekly align membership.

Ben Muller, Spain

I thought it was a very special session. After the 'align session' I could no longer reach my resistance, as if it had largely been 'swept away', just as you describe: the feeling that the path has become easier to walk. Thank you!

Lizette de Kam

The Align grounds me and clears my head. I feel more connected with my heart, which is a huge relief. I am relaxed and more at ease with life in general.

Chryssie Arabatzi

ALIGN with your True Self for €40 only