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Have lightness, joy and clarity in life

Be yourself, wherever you are

Create new opportunities

Feel confident



What to expect?

In the course, you change the direction of your subconscious mind towards your authentic self.

You use FLOW and a particular subconscious language.

After you instructed your subconscious mind, you naturally feel, think and act different.  

There is no repetition or practice.

Once changed, it instantly becomes part of who you are.

When your subconscious is instructed, you easy and effortlessly put clear boundaries, express yourself, claim your worth and have better connections.

Self-care, confidence and self-compassion becomes your second nature.

Your health improves and life flows with more ease.



I can imagine you are. I was at first.

But once I experienced and witnessed, over and over again, how absurdly effective working with the subconscious is, I put my traditional psychology work aside and use nothing else.

Watch this SHORT VIDEO on how to experience change on a subconscious level for yourself.



Try a new and deeper way to increase your self-worth.
Learn to communicate with your subconscious mind.

The course replaces years of therapy.

It is personal, without the emphasis on your individual story.


Most approaches and therapies focus on changing on a conscious level.

Working on a subconscious level, the part of your mind where your fears, insecurities, trauma and self-limiting beliefs reside causes lasting change. 

"I work directly with the subconscious mind.

With the use of FLOW (to create a highly receptive brain) and the right language to communicate with your subconscious mind, you can truly change how you experience yourself and how you stand in the world."

Alice Roorda, Dutch Clinical Psychologist, Stress and Trauma Expert and founder/trainer of The Power of Authenticity.

I love the foundation course

"It gave me insight into what was holding me back from experiencing my fullest joy.

This was a deep dive and an amazing opportunity to re-program my limiting beliefs. Highly recommended."

Kanelli Scalcoyannis, Women Wellness & Success Coach


What makes this course so amazing?

The course instantly changes your self-limiting beliefs around who you are, what you’re worth and capable off.

But the course is so much more than changing self-limiting beliefs.

In the foundation course you will also:

  • Understand where your issues come from.
  • Rewire neural brain connections.
  • Remove subconscious blocks to change.
  • Discharge physical tension and stress, reducing (back)pain.
  • Balance your autonomic nervous system, to boost your immune system.
  • Release of toxic emotions, like shame or guilt.
  • Learn how to create instant comfort within yourself.
  • Protect your energy, so you’re less influenced by other’s negative energy.

All these changes take away blockages, limitations and obstacles. Without it, life is something you experience, not something you do.


How the course works?

Over 6 weeks, I will personally guide you to a renewed you.

Every week an exciting new module opens up with interactive teaching, exercises and an alignment process to create substantial changes in your subconscious mind.

All you need is 2.5 hours per week, once or spread out.

You learn to create FLOW, the 6-rules-of-the-subconscious and how to best communicate with your subconscious mind. 

The course is on-demand, for you to use in your own time and from the comfort of your couch.

Why this course?

I was disconnected from my authentic self my whole life, without realizing it.

I faced disconnection on a daily basis in my work as a psychologist working with refugees and clients all over the world, but ironically missed to recognize my own.

My life was wonderful on the outside, but inside I felt lonely, insecure and disconnected.

12 years ago, I was fed up and started a journey to uncover and resolve it once and for all.

The Power of Authenticity courses are a result of mine and my client's journeys to our authentic self. 

Being my true self is such a bliss, that I like to share my insights, experiences and transformations with you. 

Alice Roorda

Founder of The Power of Authenticity, licensed psychologist, QEC and TRE provider. Specialist in Stress and Trauma for 20+ years. 

Join me in a transformational experience

Dr Sabine Wünschmann, obstetrician-gynaecologist

"I highly recommend Alice, her work and her vast knowledge and techniques for stress and trauma. I have referred many patients to Alice to assist with trauma and stress release.” 


Magda Godossi, Greece

"I strongly recommend Alice for her passion, knowledge, compassion and charisma as a therapist."

Maryam Brandt, Switzerland

"Alice is a great facilitator, whose cultural sensitivity created real synergy among our multination group of participants.” 


Saskia Schoolland, The Netherlands

Alice is an excellent, joyous and skilled facilitator. I can highly recommend the course if you are interested to explore some key personal questions in an easy and accessible way.“  

Evridiki Spiliadis, Canada

"Alice is compassionate and kind facilitator, whose program helped me reconnect to parts of myself that I had abandoned."

Maria Geverinck, The Netherlands

"It was intense, but totally worth it! Thank you Alice for your passion and creating a safe surrounding for everyone." 

Katerina Lazaridou, from Greece, who describes the course so well.

“Every module was thoroughly explained, backed up by neuroscience facts and presented in a very professional way. I strongly recommend this 6 week course to whoever feels the need for a reboot, a life without compromises and to find their true self.”

Contact me

Send me a message if you have a question about the course or book a free 30 min. call to see of the course is a fit for you.

"The foundation course changed a lot in my life.

I am more myself, more relaxed, have less triggers and am less depended on the opinion of others.”

Ben Muller, real estate agent, Spain


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