Your authentic self

is a state of being, full of self love, connection, health, gratitude, confidence, clarity and inner wisdom.

A true bliss.

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On 21 April 2021 

Wednesdays from 6-9 PM Spanish time (GMT+2)

6 weeks on ZOOM










The CORE COURSE is a path to personal freedom.


The CORE COURSE is about changing the root cause of what is holding you back in life.

It uncovering and resolving the source that triggers your emotions and behaviours.

The CORE COURSE is the path to your authentic self. 

The course is for foundation course graduates only. 

It's more powerful than years of therapy.

Since it profoundly changes you on a core level.

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The effect of suppressing your authenticity

As a child you adapt to your surroundings, while suppressing your authentic self.

You become Insecure, lonely, strong, a hard worker, highly (in)dependent or stuck.

Feel anxious, angry, shameful, guilty, gloomy, dull or numb.

You might experience pain, gut/urine issues, allergies, asthma, arthritis, auto-immune disease, migraine or high blood pressure.

You become successful or procrastinate, feel restless, keep small or focus more on others than yourself.

There are issues with connection, emotions, happiness, health and self-love.

When you resolve the cause of your suppression, these issues melt as snow before the sun.

You experience freedom, brightness, health, love and flow in life.

What can authenticity do for you? 


Deepened relationships, as your balanced presence reflects on your surroundings.

Daring to present yourself to the world, leading to new beginnings or directions.

You naturally take time for yourself, as you feel valuable.

Optimal health and a feeling of aliveness.

Synchronicity in your life, as you notice wonderful things coming to you.

Feeling aligned and in balance, creating acceptance and gratitude in your life.

Being authentic is how you are meant to be.    

"The core course has definitely been a mind and heart opening experience.

I discovered a new me. 

Alice has been lovely and passionate in this mind blowing journey."

Chryssie Arabatzi, Architect/Artist, Greece

Discover the new you

The difference between the foundation and core course


The foundation course changed symptoms. This core course resolves the cause for the symptoms. It takes away your imprint, packaging and programming, so you can fully be your authentic self.

In the foundation course you changed your sense of self.

You now belief in yourself, find it easier to speak up and claim your worth. There is more balance and calmness. You generate more positive emotions. You have a purpose and got more grip on life.

But why do you still feel lonely at times? Why do you still get triggered? Why are you still compromising in life? Why is there still the pain, asthma, auto-immune decease or stomach issues? Why are you still feeling gloomy, stuck or anxious?

Well, because we restored the symptoms, but not the cause.

You boosted your self-worth, but didn’t change what caused the depletion, in the first place. We calmed your nervous system, but not what caused the tension. These underlying issues still cause triggers in your life.

The cause of compromising in life is often related to stressful circumstances in your early years.

like a stressful time in the womb or during birth, an absent parent, bullying, a tense household, a depressed parent, financial problems, abuse, a death or other stressful (childhood) experiences.

These unresolved issues still play a major role in your life, without you consciously being aware of it. You notice it in triggers, limitations, obstacles and procrastination.

In this core course we use a revival process, to discover the causes for your triggers and obstacles and then fully resolve it, once and for all.

When resolved, the memory remains, but the emotional ballast is gone. The resentment, fear, pain, insecurity, etc. is no longer influencing your life today. It is rather miraculous.

You become your authentic self.


How the course works?

Over 6 weeks, I personally guide you in your realignment with your authentic self. 

Every week you dive deeper in your subconscious mind, step-by-step, using a simple and easy to follow process.

Once you have clarity on the source of your issue, we use a trauma protocol to resolve your issue, once and for all.

You choose which issue you are ready to explore and resolve. 

Sessions are 3 hours in a small group (around 6 participants). 

All you need is 3,5 hours a week. 3 hours for the course and half an hour for reflection in your own time.

The course is live with me and the group on Zoom. 

Dates for April/May 2021 course are 21/4, 28/4, 5/5, 12/5, 19/5 & 26/5

Wednesdays from 6-9 PM Spanish time (GMT+2)

Disclaimer: This course is only for those willing to change themselves. With your effort and commitment you will experience profound changes, using new insights and highly effective and safe techniques. 


Imagine for a moment the bills that you pay during your life for a psychologist, coach, acupuncturists, osteopath, doctors, medicines or courses.

Imagine what your compromise in life costs you in happiness, connections, success, health and general well-being.

Exactly! You are actually saving costs by doing this course.

I mean that. I truly belief this course will not only safe you, but will give you way more than you can imagine.

The course costs 995 Euro

Give yourself the gift of an authentic live.

You are so worth it!

I am ready to give myself this gift

Why this course?

I was disconnected from my authentic self my whole life, without realizing it. Ironically, I faced disconnection on a daily basis in my work as a psychologist working with refugees and other clients all over the world, but missed to recognize my own.

My life was wonderful on the outside, but inside I felt something was missing. I felt lonely, insecure and disconnected.

A few years ago, I was fed up and started a journey to uncover and resolve it once and for all. The Power of Authenticity courses are a result of my journey to my authentic self. 

Being my true self is such a bliss, that I like to share my insights, experiences and transformations with you. 

Alice Roorda

Founder of The Power of Authenticity, licensed psychologist, QEC and TRE provider. Specialist in Stress and Trauma for 20+ years.