Hi I'm Alice Roorda

Living aligned with my authentic self is an amazing peaceful and loving experience.

It allows me to tap into an intuitive inner wisdom.

Following this inner compass, makes life flow with such ease and obviousness.

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I will get back to you soonest.

Hi I'm Alice Roorda

Living aligned with my authentic higher self is an amazing peaceful and loving experience.

It allows me to tap into an intuitive wisdom, which makes life flow with ease and obviousness.

This just asks to be shared. 

Contact me here

I will get back to you soonest. It is likely I don't reply instantly. since I try to have a well balanced work and private life. I count or your understanding. 

What is it I can help you with? 

I am a Dutch licensed psychologist* MA and a Quantum Energy Psychologist.

I am a certified Magnetic Mind Coach, TRE® Provider & QEC Practitioner. 

For the past 20+ years I have lived abroad with my family in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Europe, where I worked as a professional in mental health clinics and in the field of humanitarian Mental Health and Psycho Social Support.

The last years I had a thriving private practice in Athens, where I incorporated new science, new psychology and new methodologies, that brought about amazing transformations in my clients.

On my path to my authentic self, I started listening to my heart and followed it. The best thing I ever did. I founded The Power of Authenticity, where I share all the wisdom and insights I gathered on the way.

From inspiring Mallorca, I am now giving online courses, weekly online transformational live align webinars, I guide support groups and private sessions. 

*NIP (Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen/Dutch Institude of Psychologists). Registration nr. 57826.

my activities

Online and in-person

True Choices Courses 2021/22 

Powerful course to connect to you Higher Self, learn to channel to find your True Purpose and experience to live from your Higher Self.

For life to flow with ease joy and intuition. 


Rapid Transformational ALIGN  2021/22 

An online weekly LIVE EVENT to clear all that keeps you from living your Higher Self.

A lively event full of insights, exercises, learning and REMOTE HEALING, using the quantum field. 

Foundation Course on-demand

Six exciting module with interactive teaching, exercises and an alignment process to create substantial changes in your subconscious mind.

This popular course I created in 2020. Although I shifted to working with the Higher Self, this course is a wonderful foundation for the work I do now. 

Highly recommended!


Focus Circle 2022 

After a course people continue deepening the learning in support circles.

These personal circles are highly valued, as it helps to implement the learning in real life. We work with what the participants bring in and need support with.  

GEM Course 2021 

Activate the gem in you.

This was a wonderful live course. iit is no longer available.

Core Course 2020 

Uncover and resolve what is underneath your triggers. 

This trauma informed course made beautiful shifts in the participants. No longer available


Free Online Events

Every first Saturday of the month. On hold. 


To empower your authenticity. 


New insights in the solution for stress and trauma

Feel like joining me? 

I love to guide you to your true self.

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