to ALIGN with your Higher Self


Fully align with that part of yourself that has all the knowledge, unconditional love, freedom and a high frequency. 


Living from your essence is were true living starts.



 3 ALIGNS for €37 instead of €120 

Sessions that leave you feeling grounded, energetic, and aligned with your truth, intuition and essence.

You open up to self-acceptance and unconditional love.

Can you think of a better way to feel during summer?  

In 3 recorded 1-hour ALIGN WEBINARS I profoundly balance your chakras/energy centres and raise their frequency.

In the sessions you:

  • listen to the language of your body
  • receive a thorough Quantum Healing on current/past lives, ancestors, entities, soul imprints, ..
  • restore, balance and align your chakras/energy centres
  • feel well grounded
  • activate self-acceptance with the use of the Universe
  • align with your truth, intuition and essence
  • open up to unconditional love 

A great summer gift to yourself!

Value of 3 Aligns is €120. I reduced it to €37, specially for you.

Yes, I want to RAISE MY FREQUENCY for €37 only


You might feel stuck physically, emotionally, mentally or energetically or in the things you want to achieve in life. 

Private session are highly transformational. 

I work directly with your Higher Self (soul, higher conscious, true self, divine being, your essence) and the Quantum Field.

You Higher Self is a part of you that has all the information on you and knows what is blocking you. We therefore no longer have to dive deep into your story or trauma.

I connect with your Higher Self, "ask" the information and command it to release what no longer serves you. This can be family history, womb/childhood trauma, energy systems, physical issues, etc.

I use several techniques to clear past or current issues. 

  • Talk therapy - to first understand your issues
  • Quantum Energy healing
  • Higher Self connection for guidance
  • Reading
  • Quantum timeline Jumping
  • Internal Family Systems (IFS) - parts integration
  • and anything else that seems appropriate.

Session are online or in-person in Mallorca. On average people need 3 sessions to change their state of being.

OPTIONS: single session €280 (send email), 3-session package €750, and from September monthly Subscription €295 (incl. weekly Align sessions and one private session)

Please take me to the 3-sessions package offer